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Dr. Phillip Lee
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Born in Oakland, California, Dr. Philip Lee grew up in the nearby East Bay exurb of Richmond with his parents Ricky and Yoko. Developing an independent nature, Lee roamed the streets of the Bay Area in his youth, killing time until his parents returned home from work. After relocating to Las Vegas during his grade school years, Lee went on to attend Sierra Vista high school in the southwest valley.

“I love Las Vegas and consider myself a native,” he says. “I’ve had the opportunity to see this state change, and to see Las Vegas evolve from a smaller town into more of a metropolitan city.”

Majoring in biology at the University of Nevada Reno, Lee was passionate to pursue a career in the healthcare field, initially heading down a medical route. Lee’s decision to pursue dentistry came at the recommendation of a best friend and his fellow fraternity brother, Sam.

With his own trajectory leading into orthodontics, Sam suggested Lee consider dentistry as a career that might interest him, while also having an easier training period than medical disciplines.

“One of the things that jumped out at me was the ability to have a nice life and possibly a family down the road, without having to do a 90-100 hour a week residency for years to come,” he explains.

Following graduation from UNR, Lee lived in New York City for a period to recharge his batteries and prepare for his return home to enter the UNLV School of Dental Medicine.

Lee began practicing at Cheyenne Dental Group, honing his clinical skills while growing as apractitioner by developing his bedside manner. Warm and garrulous by nature, Lee is not shy about meeting new people and finding common ground. Beyond his technical abilities to get someone out of pain or restore their smile, Lee earnestly levels with his patients, communicating that he serves their best interests.

“The first thing I try to get across is that I’m going to be honest, and I will be somebody they can trust and feel at ease with,” he says.

He often finds the best conduits to connecting with new patients have little to do with dentistry, instead conversing over shared interests in food and travel. Beyond the former having universal appeal, Lee finds the latter to be especially helpful with people from different cultures.

Working consistently with the same clinical team since he began at Cheyenne Dental Group, an instinctual cohesion has developed, anticipating each other’s needs in the operatory. One of Lee’s primary dental assistants of two years, Joseph Nguyen, notes the natural compatibility among the team at the Cheyenne practice.

“With all of us working so well together, it makes the environment conducive for great patient care and high-quality customer service,” Nguyen says.

In his personal life, Lee has been a board member of prominent local charity Opportunity Village for two years, which serves the disabled community through vocational training, employment, and advocacy. Though not involved in his capacity as a dentist, he does mention that he would relish the opportunity to do so in the future.

Having found his métier as a dentist, Lee is keen to mention those that helped make his goals a reality, namely his parents. “Their selflessness, always putting my needs before their own, I really admire them,” he says. “I’d like to start my own family in the future, to be able to continue to build my family’s legacy.”


★★★★★ Cheyenne Dental is the best dental experience I've had. The location is great, the office is clean / modern, and all of the staff are super friendly. Dr. Tounian and Dr. Tran and his team are great and spent the time to diligently help me understand my treatment, expectations, etc. With that being said, I was in and out in a breeze. The results show and I couldn't be any more happy. If you are looking for the best dentist in Las Vegas, I highly recommend Cheyenne Dental.
Damon Nam


★★★★★ Such an awesome staff at this dentist office. They are so friendly and helpful. My cleanings are always very fast and I never have to wait. I have been coming here for years and they always remember who you are and make it very welcoming.
Ashley Collins


★★★★★ Cheyenne Dental Group has an excellent staff that provides great service. Dr. Lee is a great dentist that does excellent work. Courtney and Lupe are great and very welcoming the minute you walk in. I would highly recommend Cheyenne Dental Group for anyone who is looking for a honest and trusting dentist.
Dana Jackson


★★★★★ I LOVE this office! They are friendly and professional. Dr. Tran is wonderful and thorough. I won't go to another dental office.
Chloe McJilton


★★★★★ I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. So much so that I had not been in a really long time. When we moved to Las Vegas in 2009 I was referred to Dr. Tran at Cheyenne Dental by my daughter's orthodontist. The entire office staff understood my fear and worked with me to explain every single step of the entire process. Dr. Tran is gentle, kind and thorough. He not only explained the procedures but also provided education regarding dental health
Charlene Ridley


★★★★★ Great office! We are very happy with the service and care provided by Courtney and Dr.Guideng was AMAZING! We finally found not only a great dentist but a fabulous organized and clean office to trust. I can not express in words how much he helped us!!
Lacey Hobson

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