Dental Bonding Las Vegas

Aesthetic Bonding in Las Vegas

At Cheyenne Dental Group, we offer dental bonding Las Vegas as a way to restore your smile. Dental bonding can be used as a cosmetic or restorative procedure. It is the perfect choice for those who have only minor defects.

What does tooth bonding accomplish?

  • Fill small gaps between teeth.
  • Restore color to specific teeth.
  • Enhance crooked teeth by making the appear straightened.
  • Restore decayed teeth.
  • Repair minor chips.

Dental bonding offers many advantages that are often overlooked.

Advantages of Dental Bonding:

  • An inexpensive alternative to other procedures such as porcelain veneers.
  • Is performed in one visit. No extra appointments necessary.
  • Generally no anesthesia is required as most of the procedure is performed on the surface of the tooth in question.
  • A quick and painless procedure. Can be completed in less than 1 hour.

The materials used in composite dental bonding Las Vegas are comprised of a resin made of special plastics. This material is far safer than traditional amalgam, with the added benefit of matching the same shade color of your teeth. This gives your teeth a natural looking appearance that results in more confidence and more smiles!

The Dental Bonding Procedure - What To Expect

The procedure is performed in only a single visit and generally anesthesia is not needed. This varies case to case. Our Las Vegas dentist will first apply the safe material to the site and then begin to shapen and mold it to the general outline of your tooth. After the dentist has successfully applied the material, a special lighting tool is used to harden the material in place for a strong bond that is designed to last. After the material is solidified in place, then dentist will continue to shapen it as needed in order for it to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. The dentist will make sure your bite is comfortable before you walk out of our office. Afterwards, you are free to return home the same day without hassle. The entire procedure is completed in less than 1 hour.

To learn more about dental bonding Las Vegas and if the procedure is appropriate for you, call our office and schedule an appointment for a consultation.